Hi Folks,

I describe in this part my custom installation of PNP4Nagios for distributed monitoring. Here my plateform, I suppose you can install nagios, thruk, and livestatus broker (unix/tcp socket mode). I have 3 servers :

  • server1 : nagios, thruk, livestatus
  • server2 :  nagios, livestatus
  • server3 :  nagios, livestatus

How it work ?

  • PNP4nagios will be installed on server1
  • NCPD will be running on on server1
  • NFS server will be installed on server1
  • Npcdmod broker (npcdmod.o) will be used by server1, server2, server3
  • My server1, server2, server3 are Centos 6

Why ? Because Thruk provides a Plus >